Nails are like Jewels

Booking for a manicure with Naturally Teyanna &Co. can be a real treat but do you know how to care for your nails at home? We want to share with you 8 tips on how to treat your nails like the jewels they should be!1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! The best thing you can do for your hands and nails is to moisturize often and regularly.  Use a nice thick cream like Spa Rituals “Close your Eyes” moisture lotion that doesn’t leave you hands greasy. To prevent dry skin and hangnails make sure you soften up those cuticles too! The use of a cuticle oil daily is your best defence again ingrown nails, dry brittle nails and persistent hangnails! We just got in these awesome Solar Oil minis that are perfect to keep in your purse or bedside table and they are only $4!

2. Try to always wear gloves in wet or dirty situations. We all know we hate to wear gloves when doing the dishes but that extended exposure to water can weaken the nails and cause them to rip easily. If you are a gardener, invest in a high quality pair of gardening gloves. The dirt and grime can leave stains on your nails that can be hard to remove.

3. Be gentle when filing and buffing your nails. Too rough filing can loosen the nail from the skin and cause lifted nails and too rough buffing can cause ridges and unwanted indents. If ridges and bumps are a concern talk to your Esthetician and she can point you to the right Spa Ritual products.

4. Keep a nail file and clippers in your purse/bag or somewhere handy. This is excellent in case of accidental breaks or tears and dreaded hangnails. You never want to rip of those hangnails, that can lead to damaged and cracked cuticles and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. If hangnails are a persistent concern, regular use of Solar Oil will soften and prevent them.

5. Always use a base and top coat when polishing your fingernails or toenails. The base coat provides a protection and barrier for your nails from the colour of your polish, without this you can sometimes get discolourations and stains from dark pigments or bright colours. The base coat also allows your nails to breath under the polish and gives you a smooth canvas to paint your polish onto. Your top coat helps your polish last longer and helps to prevent chipping.

6. Avoid harsh acrylics and false nails. A light buffing is all it takes for gel to adhere to your nails so an intense filing of your nail surface is not necessary. We use Artistic Gel Colour Gloss as our gel add on. It’s a safe alternative to acrylics yet is still a sturdy long lasting gel. We never file your nails down and the removal is gentle enough that your nails still look the same as they did prior to the application!
7. Don’t use your nails as tools! A pop tab can easily break your nail if they are soft enough and even though that screw head looks like your nail can fit into it, trust me a screwdriver is a better idea! By using your nails as tools you can cause some serious damage to your nail bed. Lifted nails, chips and indents can all be the result of using your nails as tools so always think twice before attempting to “fix” things with your fingernails!